Commonwealth Scholarships New Zealand fully funded;  New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships provide opportunities for prospective students from Commonwealth countries to pursue Master’s and Postgraduate studies in New Zealand.


It is one of the most sorts scholarships in New Zealand for international students.

This is an opportunity especially  for those planning to pursue masters in Zealand.

Table of Contents


Table of Contents new Zealand scholarship.

  1. Introduction

  2. Categories of the Commonwealth Scholarship in New Zealand

  3. Is the Commonwealth Scholarship Fully Funded?

  4. Eligibility Criteria

  5. Application Process

  6. Benefits of the Commonwealth Scholarship

  7. Conclusion 

About New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships

Scholarship type: Merit-based and Need-based.

Organized by: Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Yearly No. of Scholarships: two(2).


Application Method: Online and Offline.

Study level: Masters’ and Ph.D degree.

Commonwealth Scholarships New Zealand fully funded
Commonwealth Scholarships New Zealand fully funded

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   Eligibility Criteria Comm0nwealth scholarship New Zealand

The following are the Prerequisites for  New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships:

  • Applicants must be a citizen from the Commonwealth Countries and meet specific requirement.
  • At the start of scholarship,  the applicants must be 18 years of age or above
  • The aspiring student must also meet the visa criteria for foreign student admission to New Zealand.
  • The applicants must have a certification that will help to  improving the quality of his home country.
  • They applicant must sign an agreement to relocate to his home country for at least 2 years after graduation.


    Application Process for Commonwealth scholarship

    Application process for the scholarship involves the following steps:

    1. Research: Applicants should research the available categories and programs to find the one that suits their academic interests.
    2. Apply: Complete the online application form, providing all necessary documentation, including letters of recommendation.
    3. Selection: Applications are reviewed and shortlisted candidates may be invited for interviews or further assessment.
    4. Notification: Successful candidates are notified, and the scholarship award is offered.
    5. Visa and Travel Arrangements: Scholars need to complete visa requirements and make travel arrangements.

    Eligible Courses of commonwealth scholarship new Zealand

    In applying for New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships, the applicants should choose courses that are sustainable.

    Courses that are specific to the Commonwealth Countries such as India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan

    Disaster Risk Management: Disaster management and control, Energy management, Geology Science, Geotechnical Engineering.

    Food Security and Agriculture: Agricultural science, Farm management, Horticulture, Biosecurity, Agricultural Tech.

    Renewable Energy: Hydro-electric wind energy, Solar Energy, Renewable Energy Systems, Energy Efficiency Management.

    Governance: Public Sector Auditing, Governance, Public financial Management, Policy Statistics.

    Climate change and Environment: Climate change Science, Natural Resources Management, Rural Development.

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    Wanted to Apply for the New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships?

         Applicant are required to do the following:

    • Request for paper application form, the aspirant must contact the nominating agency in their Commonwealth country.
    • Aspirant should also request copies of all the relevant academic transcripts.

      In addition to the application form, the applicant must have class X mark sheet, B.Sc degree mark sheet, M.Sc Degree mark sheet.

      Selection Criteria Commonwealth scholarships

      After the application for the  Scholarships has been submitted through online, the prelude shortlisting of candidates are carried out by the MHRD.

      To get more insights about New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships, Pls. Click on this link.

      Categories of the Commonwealth Scholarship in New Zealand

      The Commonwealth Scholarship in New Zealand offers opportunities in various categories.

      Generally categories include the following:

      a. Master’s Degree Scholarships

      These scholarships are awarded to students who wish to pursue a master’s degree in New Zealand.

      They cover the cost of tuition, living expenses, and other associated expenses.

      b. Ph.D. Scholarships

      The Commonwealth Scholarship also provides funding for doctoral studies in New Zealand.

      Ph.D. scholars receive financial support for tuition, research expenses, and living costs.

      c. Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

      For individuals who have completed their Ph.D. and wish to conduct postdoctoral research in New Zealand.

      d. Split-site Scholarships

      Split-site scholarships allow students to spend a portion of their academic program in their home country and the remainder in New Zealand.


      Is the Commonwealth Scholarship Fully Funded?

      The Commonwealth Scholarship in New Zealand is typically considered a fully funded scholarship.

      Typical benefits associated with Commonwealth scholarship:

      • Tuition Fees: The scholarship usually covers the full cost of tuition fees.
      • Living Allowance: Scholars receive a living allowance to cover their day-to-day expenses.
      • Travel Expenses: The scholarship often includes travel expenses, such as airfare to and from New Zealand.
      • Research and Thesis Grants: scholars may receive additional grants to support their research and thesis work.
      • Settling-in Allowance: This allowance helps students adjust to their new environment upon arrival in New Zealand

        Benefits of the Commonwealth Scholarship

        The Commonwealth Scholarship in New Zealand offers numerous benefits, including the opportunity to study in world-class institutions.

        Additionally, it provides a unique cultural and educational experience that extends beyond the classroom.

        Conclusion- Commonwealth scholarships

        The Commonwealth Scholarship is a scholarship program that provides a pathway for students from Commonwealth member countries.

        This scholarship is a valuable opportunity for those seeking to further their education and research in New Zealand.

        (FAQs) about the Commonwealth Scholarship in New Zealand

          What is the Commonwealth Scholarship in New Zealand?

        • 1. The Commonwealth Scholarship in New Zealand is a prestigious scholarship program funded by the New Zealand government.

           2. Who is eligible for the Commonwealth Scholarship in New Zealand?

        •  Applicants must be citizens of Commonwealth countries and meet the specific requirements set by  the host institution.

            3. What levels of study does the Commonwealth Scholarship cover?

        • Commonwealth Scholarships in New Zealand typically cover postgraduate studies, including Master’s and Ph.D. programs.

              4.     What are the benefits of the Commonwealth Scholarship in New Zealand?

        • The benefits includes full or partial tuition fees, living and accommodation allowances, airfare, and other supports.

           5. Can I work while holding a Commonwealth Scholarship in New Zealand?

        • Scholarship rules may allow limited part-time work, but this varies by scholarship.