I’m guessing you are familiar with Mike Rowe’s TV shows, well if you aren’t, you must have heard of the Mike Rowe foundation scholarships but may not know a detail or two concerning the ongoing scholarship program.


So in this space, we would ensure that you are more enlightened, especially on the scholarship application processes, requirements, deadline, and the amount it is worth in dollars.

Mike Rowe Foundation scholarships are open to high school freshmen, undergraduates, and graduates.

The Mike Rowe Foundation’s works are aimed at education, food, energy, civilization, and the improvement of work ethics in the US. It also has a charity score of 79.47, earning it a 2-Star rating.


About Mike Rowe Scholarship

Being founded in 2008, Mike Rowe Scholarship has helped over about 1200 people as well as supported not less than 19 skill trades in the united states.

It is said that America has become slowly but undeniably disconnected from the most fundamental elements of civilization food, energy, education, and the very nature of work itself.


In summary, the main focus of the foundation establishment was and still is to this day aimed at training people for skilled jobs that are in demand.

How much is the Mike Rowe Scholarship worth?

However, there is no specified amount per winner of the scholarship but it is worth a lot more than you perceive and has awarded over $5.2million worth of scholarships and grants since its establishment till this day.

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Scholarship Benefits

The program is a one-time scholarship award at least a sum of $400,000. now that’s definitely something.

Host country

The  United States.

Why Apply for Mike Rowe Scholarship 2022?

By applying to this program, you will share the work values and get to understand the importance of work ethic, personal responsibility, delayed satisfaction, as well as a positive attitude.

Level/Fields of Study

The Mike Rowe Foundation scholarship program is awarded to high school freshmen, undergraduateand graduate students.

Each category of individuals can enroll in one of the trade programs at an accredited two-year college, vocational, technical school, or other approved technical institute in the US.

Eligible Countries

The work ethic scholarship program is available to all citizens of the united states.

Mike Rowe Scholarship Requirements

Applicants must be:

  • High school seniors, graduates, or GED equivalent who are enrolled or intending to enroll in a licensed two-year college, vocational, technical school, or other approved technical institute in the United States.
  • Enrolled or planning to enroll in an approved vocational or comparable trade-related program. You may view the list of approved applications at scholarshipsApply.org.
  • Past recipients of a Mike Rowe Scholarship Foundation Educational Scholarships are not eligible to apply for the mike Rowe sweat pledge.

Mike Rowe Scholarship Application Deadline 2023

There is no closing date for the application form currently but it is very much advisable to apply as early as possible.

How to Apply for Mike Rowe Scholarship 2023

To apply for Mike Rowe Scholarship 2022-2023, students are hereby urged to be re-enrolled or prepared to be enrolled at a college, vocational, or technical school, as well as other approved technical institutes in the United States.

And then apply for the grant through the online portal with the following below;

1. Supporting Documents

Applicants must have to submit;

  • Grades transcript of high school, vo-tech, or college transcript, a copy of page one from the most recently filed IRS Form 1040
  • Two completed reference questionnaires, signed S.W.E.A.T. pledge.
  • Complete S.E.A.T. pledge short answer and school cost form.

Admission Requirements

This is totally dependent on the college or institution’s requirements and also on the course level of the candidate.

Language Requirement

Excellent English language ability is deemed necessary. If you find yourself eligible for the scholarship, you may; visit the scholarship’s official website below using the button;

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